Japanese Gardens: Yusentei

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One of my favorite places to spend an afternoon in Fukuoka is the hidden gem of Yusentei Garden. Nestled in a somewhat incongruous location behind a mall and a driving school, you feel as if you've left the city the moment you step inside the gates. The garden is hushed and immaculately kept: everything from the bright green moss to the manicured trees to the gravel pathways invite you in for a contemplative stroll. The garden was built in 1754 during the Edo Period, and was opened to the public in 1981. The entry fee (¥200 for adults, ¥100 for children) gives you access to the full garden.

stepping stones at Yusentei Garden

Cups of foaming matcha paired with traditional sweets are sold at the tea house, where patrons settle onto the tatami mats to enjoy the view. Koi cluster below the tea house in hopes of being fed; fish food can be purchased for ¥100.

bowl of matcha at Yunsentei Garden